Our therapist are qualified and trained in variety of modalities such as EMDR Therapy, Resource Therapy, Mindfulness, Strength Base Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Alice Hope

EMDR Therapist/ Clinical Resource Therapist


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Alice previously worked as a camerawoman in a war-torn country and developed a passion for standing against injustice and promoting human rights, especially the rights of women, through storytelling and the media.

This exposed her to many individuals who were openly sharing their stories and difficulties, often in great detail, exposing her to their traumatic experiences. Alice was inspired to work alongside these people, to find ways through situations in which they felt lost or overwhelmed on their own.

She learned to respect and value difference and understand why it is essential to treat an individual with dignity – regardless of their ethnicity, cultural standing, age, family dynamics, financial position, gender, sexuality, education, religion or philosophy.

After extensive years of working in Digital Media and Personal Training field. Alice was drawn to counselling as she has a passion for improving human experience and a strong desire to create a safe place for people to process their traumatic experiences, ensuring that they don’t have to suffer in isolation.

As a counsellor, Alice seeks to understand rather than judge. A great believer in the right for personal freedom, she supports clients to foster wellbeing and assists them to resolve their challenges by embracing personal change, developing meaning and healing from their trauma, and no longer suffering alone.

Alice’s life experiences, combined with her training, have moulded her into a thoughtful, caring and non-judgmental counsellor.

Alice utilises a variety of therapeutic techniques that work effectively for people experiencing personal difficulties in their lives, including cognitive and behavioural techniques, assessment and intervention, addictions and treating trauma with EMDR Therapy.

Alice is fluent in multiple languages, and deliver Counselling service in languages such as Farsi, Dari and English.

Professional Registration

Alice is a Registered Counsellor with PACFA (, and practices under PACFA’s Code of Ethics.

If you would like to know more, you will find additional information in the link below:  

There is no insurance policy to cover us from Trauma. Everyone would somehow be impacted by trauma. Our response to trauma is a normal reaction to abnormal situations. What is not normal is suffering in silence and isolation.

Alice Hope
Counsellor/ EMDR Trained

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Nathan de Tourettes

Clinical Resource Therapist/ Counsellor


Nathan is a dedicated clinical Resource Therapist, who believes that everyone deserves to have access to a Mental Health service where their needs are met. Nathan is drawn to Counselling believing people hold the knowledge and skills to create change in their daily lives.

Counselling provides a confidential conversation where people can attend and feel safe enough to reflect without judgment. To apply the knowledge and skills they hold, assisted with the skills of counselling to create a change. Nathan believes counselling conversations should provide the people participating with safety, empowerment, collaboration, choice, and informed decision-making.  

Nathan has extensive background in the Community Sector, before being a qualified therapist. Nathan has extensive background working with children, adolescence and Suicide prevention. Throughout Nathan’s community work he developed skills in being culturally sensitive by working with many diversities simultaneously.  

Apart from working as a clinical Resource Therapist and Counsellor at Develop Daily, Nathan is currently working in suicide prevention, post hospital, and post suicide attempt.


Professional Registration

Nathan is a Registered Counsellor with PACFA (, and practices under PACFA’s Code of Ethics.

If you would like to know more, you will find additional information in the link below:  

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“Trauma is defined by a person being exposed to a single or multiple stressful experiences. Stress is within our own perspective, behaviours, feelings, and thoughts. Managing stress is about connecting before correcting”

Nathan de Tourettes
Counsellor/ Resource Therapist

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